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Many practical residential applications for film installation.

Residential Applications

At a residential level, the practical application of various films is often overlooked. However, the benefits to these applications are substantial.

For example, one very good way to control heat in the home is by installing window tint to filter out UV and IR radiation. This can make a home much more comfortable and also helps reduce cooling costs.

It doesn’t end there however. Window tinting in the home is valuable for privacy reasons. If you desire even more security than to just keep people from looking in, installing security film is a very good option.

Film installation at home can also be decorative. You always want to strike a good balance between form and function. For this reason, you want something that works but also looks good.

Finally, there are many surfaces in the home that can benefit from the application of Ceramic Pro nano-coatings. This technology makes surfaces slick, making surfaces easy to clean. It also makes them much more resistant to the elements and age less

Residential Window Tint

This is the most practical way to control solar radiation in the home. Additionally, tinting will also double as a privacy enhancer.

Security Window Film

Technology that makes glass less prone to shattering. If an impact strong enough breaks the glass, the pieces stay together preventing breach.

Decorative Window Film

In the home, we value function as much as we do good looks. With decorative window film you can achieve both of those things.

Nano-Ceramic Coatings

Coating surfaces in the home with specialized ceramic coatings allows surfaces to last longer and stay cleaner. This makes life at home easier.

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