Vehicle Wraps and Graphic Film

Dream up any color you want for your car. No need to paint!

Vehicle Wraps and Graphic Film

Mobile advertising is the fastest growing form of advertising. There is no denying that fleet graphics offer the best cost per impression value due to the exposure they receive daily. With an average lifespan of 5-7 years, your graphic will be constantly exposed to potentially tens of thousands of people.

Fade To Black also specializes in high-end, exotic vehicle wraps. While we offer a variety of different services, one of the most popular is the matte finish vinyl wrap. Our vinyl matte wraps are not permanent and won’t hurt your vehicles finish. In fact, vehicle wraps protect and preserve your original paint from UV rays, sand, stone chips, bugs, and other road debris. Think of your wrap like protective skin for your car, that also looks amazing, custom, and unique.

A full vehicle wrap lasts for years. It requires no special care, always looks good, and does not require waxing. A custom matte, or glossy vehicle wrap from Fade To Black is the easiest way to turn an ordinary paint job to a head-turning work or art.

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