Windshield Protection Film

Protect your expensive windshield from common road hazards.

Windshield Protection Film

Fade To Black Protective Films is proud to work with the industry’s most advance windshield protection film system. We offer ExoShield by Alchemy. ExoShield windshield protection system is based on the latest nano-technology. This allows the film to protect windshields better than any other system in the world, while using only a razor-thin layer of protective material. The properties ExoShield provide to the windshield of any vehicle are immense. With ExoShield, your windshield is able to deflect rocks and many other road hazards that would normally break it.
These days, vehicle windshields are way more than just a piece of glass. Shapes and sizes way more complex. Materials and process to make them have gotten more expensive and intricate. Not only that, but windshields in modern vehicles are technology packed. Many of them have sensors, heating elements, electronic traces, heads up displays and a plethora of other technological advances. This makes protecting your original windshield more important than ever.

Tests on ExoShield protected windshields have proven that the film increases the windshield’s resistance to braking by 6 times. This means that most likely, the last rock impact that you experienced that broke your windshield could have likely been preventable.
At Fade to Black Protective Films we proudly install ExoShield by Alchemy. We believe it be the best windshield protection system in the world. We want our customers to have access to the absolute best. We are experts in the installation of ExoShield and we guarantee that the amazing protection the film provides can be had while also being invisible.

Another benefit is that ExoShield also provides 99.9% filtering of harmful UV rays. This means that even if your car doesn’t have window tint, or you prefer no window tint, ExoShield will filter out harmful UV rays. This allows your interior to be preserved longer.

Watch the video to the right to learn more about the best windshield protection system on the market today. ExoShield by Alchemy installed by Fade to Black Protective Films is the pinnacle of windshield protection, durability, clarity and UV filtration.

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