Ceramic Coatings for Long Term Protection

Seal any and every surface to keep it clean.
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Fade To Black Protective Films is a certified XPEL installer in Clawson Michigan. We apply XPEL FUSION PLUS ceramic coatings and all the various formulas provided by XPEL. Our ceramic coatings come in various different formulations created to bind to the different substrates found on a vehicle. We coat paint, PPF, glass, plastics, rubber and all interior materials. Additionally, XPEL FUSION PLUS is the only ceramic coating approved to be used over XPEL paint protection film.

We perform ceramic coat installations at our world-class facilities in Clawson, Michigan. We service all nearby areas such as Birmingham, Troy, Novi, and Ann Arbor. We proudly serve clients throughout Michigan and surrounding states. Our experience speaks for itself. Contact us for a free quote.

A ceramic coating is a permanent nano-tech solution for sealing surfaces at a molecular level. The coating will bond to the surface and fill all nano-pores. This makes the surface ultra-slick, easy to clean and hydrophobic. It also helps the surface remain scratch-free. Given the ceramic coating creates a barrier between the surface protected and outside contaminants, the surface can remain clean and perfect long term.

The final result is that your car becomes much easier to keep clean. Between washes, your car will shed a lot of the dirt allowing it to remain clean for much longer. Washing sessions become quicker and easier. Essentially, a ceramic coating feels a lot like a freshly waxed car. The main difference is that it lasts and also properly protects because chemicals and acids that normally break down wax cannot break down the ceramic coating.

Ceramic Coating Shield

A Ceramic Coating is a Long Term Protective Solution

With proper maintenance, the benefits of a professional ceramic coating will last for the years to come. These benefits remove the need to wax your vehicle.

Coat All Surfaces, Including Paint, PPF, Car Wraps, Glass and More…

Fade To Black Protective Films has XPEL FUSION PLUS formulas for every surface. The most common use is for coating paint. However, we often coat paint protection film and car wraps when new, to revitalize them. Vinyl tends to be more porous than paint. A good ceramic coating can definitely help plug up those pores helping the vinyl stay clean.

We also apply FUSION PLUS to glass to help with water shedding. Wheels and calipers stay cleaner much longer and shed brake dust when coated. Finally, interiors won’t stain and are much easier to simply wife clean, when coated with FUSION PLUS for interiors.

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Ceramic Coatings Near Clawson Michigan

See The Benefits of a FUSION PLUS Ceramic Coating

Land Vehicles


We coat cars, trucks, SUVs, motorcycles,  RVs, and just about any vehicle you can imagine.



A ceramic coating is ideal for all kinds of vessels. Keeping your boat clean has never been easier.



A ceramic coating has many tremendous applications for your home or garage.

Industrial and Commercial


Ceramic coatings are ideal for commercial and industrial applications.

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