Ceramic Pro - Permanent Protection

Ceramic Pro is the standard in permanent ceramic coatings.

Ceramic Pro

The Standard in Permanent Ceramic Coatings

Fade To Black is a certified Ceramic Pro installer. We offer Ceramic Pro because we believe it to be the very best permanent ceramic coating available on the market today.

We perform Ceramic Pro installations at our world-class facilities in Clawson, Michigan. We serve all surrounding areas such as Birminghan, Troy and Novi. We even have customers that send our cars to us all the way from Ann Arbor. Our experience speaks for itself. Contact us for a free quote.

Ceramic Pro is a permanent ceramic coating based on nano-technology. The system is a layerable, invisible liquid coating that fuses with the surface it’s applied on and cures to a hardness of 9H. This is more or less the hardness of glass. As you already know, glass is very hard scratch.

To give you an idea, the paint on your vehicle has a hardness of around 2H to 4H. Tempered glass is around 9H and the hardest of natural substances, diamond, is rated above 9H. If you have your vehicle coated with a permanent coating with a hardness of 9H you can see how this will protect it from scratches.

That’s not the only benefit of Ceramic Pro. The coating is hydrophobic. This means it repels water. Additionally, it fills even the tiniest nano-pores on any surface. This makes the surface it is applied to incredibly slick. Nothing can stick to it, therefore it remains clean much longer. When dirt settles on the surface, it can easily be removed by spraying with water. Even a surface that has been heavily soiled with most road contaminants can easily be wiped off with a microfiber and mild soap without much effort.

Ceramic Pro is a permanent nanoceramic coating good for any surface

This means Ceramic Pro is not just for cars. We coat boats, motorcycles, glass windows in homes and business, counter tops and more…

Ceramic Pro for Paint Protection Film and Car Wraps

FTB has Ceramic Pro formulas for every surface, inside and out. One great application of Ceramic Pro is that of protecting vinyl-wrapped surfaces. Ceramic Pro PPF & Vinyl is an excellent ceramic coating formula for either vinyl wraps, or vehicles wrapped with paint protection film.

Ceramic Pro PPF & Vinyl for Wrapped Vehicles
Ceramic Pro 9H Coatings Michigan

See The Benefits of Ceramic Pro on Your Vehicle



We coat cars, motorcycles, RVs and just about any road vehicle you can imagine.


Ceramic Pro is ideal for all kinds of vessels. Fresh water or salt water. Big or small.


Ceramic Pro has many tremendous applications for your home or garage.


Ceramic Pro can help you protect industrial applications and save money.

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