Fade to Black Commercial Services

We are committed to enhancing and protecting commercial surfaces.

Commercial Services

As you can imagine, commercial applications have a long list of needs and requirements often not found at the residential level. Commercial and industrial surfaces have to be a lot more robust. Everything from glass, to countertops, to workbenches, public bathrooms, restaurant glass and kitchens need to be able to cope with the demand of high traffic. Not only that, but people are generally more careless with others’ property.

Fade To Black commercial services range from window tinting for storefronts, to security film for glass, to coating surfaces with professional ceramic coatings. These services offer the benefit of increased security, less sun damage and easy cleaning.

We offer solutions that can protect businesses from things like graffiti, vandalism or simple make your store a more comfortable place by helping to reduce sun glare and heat buildup.

Solar/ Privacy Window Film

Controlling heat, UV and IR radiation is important for climate control inside businesses. Tint also enhances security where privacy is needed.

Security Window Film

Increased safety and the reduced chance of shattered glass is the main appeal of security window film for commercial applications.

Decorative Film

Using film to decorate buildings, walls and glass inside and out has become a valuable industry standard. Decorate your commercial space today.

Ceramic Coatings

We carry specialized ceramic coatings designed for heavy-duty commercial and industrial applications that will save you money.


If your business is in an area where vandalism by graffiti is a problem, we offer solutions to help combat this, saving you time and money.

Storefront Window Decals

Sometimes, windows are the best location for placing marketing material. We design, print and install window decals for promotional purposes.

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