Fade to Black Automotive Services

Our extensive list of professional automotive protective and enhancement services.

Automotive Services

At Fade To Black Protective Films, automotive enhancement services have been our bread and butter for more than two decades. Our company started with car window tinting services and has grown vastly since.

These days we offer a vast array of automotive services that range from window tinting, to clear bra paint protection film, to full vehicle wraps and ceramic coatings.

You can rest assured that our extensive experience and the respect we have earned over the years of service is applied to each and every car we work on. That’s the reason so many exotic car owners in the Michigan area trust us with their prized vehicles.

Paint Protection Film

Advancements in film technology has allowed the most advanced system for protecting a car’s original paint and finish: Self-healing clear bra paint protection film. Protect your investment today.

Window Tinting

Automotive window tinting is the service on which Fade To Black was originally established. No vehicle is too complex for us. Have your window tinting done right, with us.

Vehicle Wraps

There is no better way to change the look of your vehicle. Be it for fun, for show or for commercial advertisement. Change your car’s color without repainting it.

XPEL FUSION PLUS Ceramic Coating Service, Clawson Michigan

Ceramic Coatings

We offer the ultimate in nano-ceramic coatings at FTB. You can say goodbye to car waxes as this permanent coating will replace it forever. We also ceramic coat interiors.

Auto Security Window Film

Security film is a very effective way to help prevent glass from shattering during an accident or theft attempt. Security window film is a worthwhile investment for private cars or commercial vehicles.

Windshield Protection

Windshields are expensive to replace. Our windshield protection offerings help avoid the damage in the first place. Winshield protection is great for both streets cars and track cars.

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