Fade To Black Marine Services

Fade To Black specializes on glass film and surface coatings for the marine industry.

Marine Services

Boats and yachts need more maintenance that autos. Surfaces are subject to harsh weather, constant battling with moisture, salt, UV rays and contaminants. At Fade To Black we specialize in protecting most of the exposed surfaces on boats. We are authorized Ceramic Pro Marine installers. Coating most of the surfaces on your boat with Ceramic Pro will offer protection unlike any other product on the market.

Additionally, boats have other needs. For example, privacy and security. Just about all larger boats, sailboats and yachts have glass surfaces both for the cockpit and cabin. We tint windows to reduce solar radiation inside the cabin and also to reduce glare. Tinting can be done reflective or dark enough to provide increased privacy. Furthermore, safety film can be installed to both help deter theft and also as a safety feature in case glass does break, keeping it from getting shattered. Nobody wants glass shards all over a boat.

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Boat Window Tint

Tinting boat and yacht windows is the absolutely best way to enhance the privacy of your vessel. It’s also a great theft deterrent.

Marine Safety Glass Film

Applying safety film to glass helps reduce chances of breakage. If the impact is hard enough to break the glass, the film keeps it from shattering.

Marine Surface Coatings

We coat multiple marine surfaces with Ceramic Pro for the ultimate in durability and protection. This includes glass, wood, paint and gelcoat.

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